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New Jersey ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in New Jersey. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

New Jersey has a total number of 1,221,233 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits range from 07-08. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
NJCape May CountyCAPE MAY POINT08212
NJAtlantic CountyCOLOGNE08213
NJCape May CountyDENNISVILLE08214
NJAtlantic CountyEGG HARBOR CITY08215
NJAtlantic CountyELWOOD08217
NJCape May CountyGOSHEN08218
NJCape May CountyGREEN CREEK08219
NJAtlantic CountyLEEDS POINT08220
NJAtlantic CountyLINWOOD08221
NJCape May CountyMARMORA08223
NJBurlington CountyNEW GRETNA08224
NJAtlantic CountyNORTHFIELD08225
NJCape May CountyOCEAN CITY08226
NJCape May CountyOCEAN VIEW08230
NJAtlantic CountyOCEANVILLE08231
NJAtlantic CountyPLEASANTVILLE08232
NJAtlantic CountyPOMONA08240
NJAtlantic CountyPORT REPUBLIC08241
NJCape May CountyRIO GRANDE08242
NJCape May CountySEA ISLE CITY08243
NJAtlantic CountySOMERS POINT08244
NJCape May CountySOUTH DENNIS08245
NJCape May CountySOUTH SEAVILLE08246
NJCape May CountySTONE HARBOR08247
NJCape May CountySTRATHMERE08248
NJCape May CountyTUCKAHOE08250
NJCape May CountyDEL HAVEN08251
NJCape May CountyWHITESBORO08252
NJCape May CountyNORTH WILDWOOD08260
NJAtlantic CountyCORBIN CITY08270
NJCumberland CountyBRIDGETON08302
NJAtlantic CountyBUENA08310
NJCumberland CountyCEDARVILLE08311
NJGloucester CountyCLAYTON08312
NJCumberland CountyDEERFIELD STREET08313
NJCumberland CountyDELMONT08314
NJCumberland CountyDIVIDING CREEK08315
NJCumberland CountyDORCHESTER08316
NJAtlantic CountyDOROTHY08317
NJSalem CountyELMER08318
NJAtlantic CountyESTELL MANOR08319
NJCumberland CountyFAIRTON08320
NJCumberland CountyFORTESCUE08321
NJGloucester CountyFRANKLINVILLE08322
NJCumberland CountyGREENWICH08323
NJCumberland CountyHEISLERVILLE08324
NJAtlantic CountyLANDISVILLE08326
NJCumberland CountyLEESBURG08327
NJGloucester CountyMALAGA08328
NJCumberland CountyMAURICETOWN08329
NJAtlantic CountyMAYS LANDING08330
NJCumberland CountyMILLVILLE08332
NJAtlantic CountyMILMAY08340
NJAtlantic CountyMINOTOLA08341
NJAtlantic CountyMIZPAH08342
NJGloucester CountyMONROEVILLE08343
NJAtlantic CountyNEWFIELD08344
NJCumberland CountyNEWPORT08345
NJAtlantic CountyNEWTONVILLE08346
NJSalem CountyNORMA08347
NJCumberland CountyPORT ELIZABETH08348
NJCumberland CountyPORT NORRIS08349
NJAtlantic CountyRICHLAND08350
NJCumberland CountyROSENHAYN08352
NJCumberland CountySHILOH08353
NJAtlantic CountyVINELAND08360
NJCumberland CountySOUTH VINELAND08361
NJCumberland CountyVINELAND08362
NJAtlantic CountyATLANTIC CITY08401
NJAtlantic CountyMARGATE CITY08402
NJAtlantic CountyLONGPORT08403
NJAtlantic CountyATLANTIC CITY08404
NJAtlantic CountyATLANTIC CITY08405
NJAtlantic CountyVENTNOR CITY08406
NJBurlington CountyALLENTOWN08501
NJSomerset CountyBELLE MEAD08502
NJSomerset CountyBLAWENBURG08504
NJBurlington CountyBORDENTOWN08505
NJMonmouth CountyCLARKSBURG08510