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New Jersey ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in New Jersey. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

New Jersey has a total number of 1,221,233 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits range from 07-08. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
NJUnion CountyWESTFIELD07091
NJHudson CountyGUTTENBERG07093
NJHudson CountySECAUCUS07094
NJMiddlesex CountyWOODBRIDGE07095
NJHudson CountySECAUCUS07096
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07097
NJHudson CountyKEARNY07099
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07101
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07102
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07103
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07104
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07105
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07106
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07107
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07108
NJEssex CountyBELLEVILLE07109
NJEssex CountyNUTLEY07110
NJEssex CountyIRVINGTON07111
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07112
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07114
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07175
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07184
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07188
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07189
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07191
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07192
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07193
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07195
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07198
NJEssex CountyNEWARK07199
NJUnion CountyELIZABETH07201
NJUnion CountyELIZABETH07202
NJUnion CountyROSELLE07203
NJUnion CountyROSELLE PARK07204
NJUnion CountyHILLSIDE07205
NJUnion CountyELIZABETH07206
NJUnion CountyELIZABETH07207
NJUnion CountyELIZABETH07208
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07302
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07303
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07304
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07305
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07306
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07307
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07308
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07310
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07311
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07395
NJHudson CountyJERSEY CITY07399
NJBergen CountyALLENDALE07401
NJPassaic CountyBLOOMINGDALE07403
NJMorris CountyBUTLER07405
NJBergen CountyELMWOOD PARK07407
NJBergen CountyFAIR LAWN07410
NJSussex CountyFRANKLIN07416
NJBergen CountyFRANKLIN LAKES07417
NJSussex CountyGLENWOOD07418
NJSussex CountyHAMBURG07419
NJPassaic CountyHASKELL07420
NJPassaic CountyHEWITT07421
NJSussex CountyHIGHLAND LAKES07422
NJBergen CountyHO HO KUS07423
NJPassaic CountyLITTLE FALLS07424
NJSussex CountyMC AFEE07428
NJBergen CountyMAHWAH07430
NJBergen CountyMIDLAND PARK07432
NJMorris CountyNEWFOUNDLAND07435
NJBergen CountyOAKLAND07436
NJMorris CountyOAK RIDGE07438
NJSussex CountyOGDENSBURG07439
NJMorris CountyPEQUANNOCK07440
NJPassaic CountyPOMPTON LAKES07442
NJMorris CountyPOMPTON PLAINS07444
NJBergen CountyRAMSEY07446
NJBergen CountyRIDGEWOOD07450
NJBergen CountyRIDGEWOOD07451
NJBergen CountyGLEN ROCK07452
NJPassaic CountyRINGWOOD07456
NJMorris CountyRIVERDALE07457