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ZIP Code Quick Select Search

This page is provided two type of search, the "quick select" function can get the result by selecting the address and street through the drop-down box; another advanced search is to enter the relevant information and get a result.

Quick Search

[+]Four Steps To Use Quick Select

Follow the steps below to select state, city index (first letter with alphabetical order), city name, street index (first letter with alphabetical order), and street name in turn to get the zip code corresponding to the relevant address. Usually the result is displayed as a nine-digit zip code. If the address does not have a nine-digit zip code, it will display a five-digit zip code.

  • State
  • City Index
  • City Name
  • Street Index
  • Street

Address ZIP Code

Advance Search

The correct address format:560 N KINGSLEY DR 111 LOS ANGELES CA 90004-1919

[+]How To Use Advance Search?