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This is the detail page of ZIP Code 08861, including basic information of ZIP Code 08861, Full 9-digit ZIP Code list, Nearby ZIP Code, Demographic, Geographic and etc.

ZIP stands for "Zoning Improvement Plan". In most cases a ZIP Code is a geographic region with a center point.

08861 Basic Information

The basic information of ZIP Code 08861 is as follows, including: country, county, city, FIPS and etc.

StateCountyCityZIP Code 5
NJ - New JerseyMiddlesex CountyHOPELAWN08861
NJ - New JerseyMiddlesex CountyPERTH AMBOY08861

📌It means zip code 08861 is across counties/cities.

What is the plus 4 zip code for 08861 ZIP Code? Below is the detail.

08861 ZIP Code 5 Plus 4

What are the 4 digit zip extensions of 08861 ZIP Code. Here's the list of 9-digit zip code for 08861 ZIP Code.Click to find more information, including detail address, record type, range etc.

ZIP Code 5 Plus 4 Address
08861-1200 307 UNION CT , PERTH AMBOY, NJ
08861-1201 308 UNION CT , PERTH AMBOY, NJ
08861-1202 307 UNION CT #302 (From 302 To 308 Both of Odd and Even), PERTH AMBOY, NJ
08861-1203 307 UNION CT , PERTH AMBOY, NJ
08861-1203 307 UNION CT #101 (From 101 To 301 Both of Odd and Even), PERTH AMBOY, NJ
08861-1204 327 LEHIGH AVE , PERTH AMBOY, NJ
08861-1206 308 UNION CT #101 (From 101 To 204 Both of Odd and Even), PERTH AMBOY, NJ
08861-1206 308 UNION CT #101 (From 101 To 204 Both of Odd and Even), PERTH AMBOY, NJ
08861-1207 308 UNION CT #205 (From 205 To 308 Both of Odd and Even), PERTH AMBOY, NJ

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08861 Envelope Example

  • This page shows two examples of envelopes, One is an example of U.S envelope. Fill in the sender's information at the top left and the recipient information at the bottom right. The necessary information is sender/recipient's full name, street address, city, state and zip code. The recipient address information has been given for your reference. Generally, If you are not sure of the full 9-digit zip code, you can only fill in the 5-digit zip code to avoid loss of package. The other is an envelope example from Universal Postal Union.

    ZIP Code: 08861
  • United States Envelope Example

For more explanation, please read the official document: USA.pdf (English)

08861 Online Map

This is online map of the address HOPELAWN, Middlesex County, New Jersey. You may use button to move and zoom in / out. The map information is for reference only.

08861 NearBy ZIP Code

What are the zipcodes near ZIP Code 08861? In the table below, you can find zipcodes in 25km radius around ZIP Code 08861 and the approximate distance between the two zipcodes. Check the list to find nearby zipcode, and you can click the zipcode link to find the details whatever you want to know about the location. The data below has a slight deviation for your reference only.

NumberZIP CodeDistance
108862598.2367 Meters
2088322.2651 Kilo Meters
3103073.2332 Kilo Meters
4088633.8830 Kilo Meters
5070774.0577 Kilo Meters
6070954.4657 Kilo Meters
7103095.4716 Kilo Meters
8070645.5204 Kilo Meters
9088796.1267 Kilo Meters
10070016.4874 Kilo Meters
11088306.6563 Kilo Meters
12088376.7730 Kilo Meters
13088597.0520 Kilo Meters
14088717.1540 Kilo Meters
15088407.3086 Kilo Meters
16070088.1449 Kilo Meters
17088728.6032 Kilo Meters
18103128.6291 Kilo Meters
19070678.9459 Kilo Meters
20088209.7679 Kilo Meters
210706510.0834 Kilo Meters
220881710.1000 Kilo Meters
230881810.3340 Kilo Meters
240889910.3685 Kilo Meters
250772110.4027 Kilo Meters
260885510.6923 Kilo Meters
270773510.9750 Kilo Meters
281030811.3136 Kilo Meters
290898911.7208 Kilo Meters
300706611.9874 Kilo Meters
310774712.0057 Kilo Meters
320888212.3165 Kilo Meters
331031112.5051 Kilo Meters
340890412.8720 Kilo Meters
350703613.0951 Kilo Meters
360708013.5035 Kilo Meters
370773013.6530 Kilo Meters
380885713.8325 Kilo Meters
390707614.0087 Kilo Meters
401030614.1814 Kilo Meters
411031414.2901 Kilo Meters
420890314.3717 Kilo Meters
430720314.7091 Kilo Meters
440893314.7708 Kilo Meters
450890614.7859 Kilo Meters
460890114.8775 Kilo Meters
470881614.9089 Kilo Meters
480702715.3251 Kilo Meters
490701615.3328 Kilo Meters
500709015.3477 Kilo Meters
510773415.5566 Kilo Meters
520885015.5585 Kilo Meters
531030315.5649 Kilo Meters
540706115.8543 Kilo Meters
550885415.8602 Kilo Meters
560720216.0288 Kilo Meters
570720416.0828 Kilo Meters
580702316.3217 Kilo Meters
590706216.3774 Kilo Meters
600887516.4094 Kilo Meters
611031316.6917 Kilo Meters
620720616.7615 Kilo Meters
631030216.9674 Kilo Meters
640773317.2639 Kilo Meters
650775817.3912 Kilo Meters
660720717.4819 Kilo Meters
670888417.5256 Kilo Meters
680703317.7829 Kilo Meters
690720817.8336 Kilo Meters
700706318.0892 Kilo Meters
710720118.1048 Kilo Meters
721031018.2820 Kilo Meters
731030418.3108 Kilo Meters
740706018.4835 Kilo Meters
750709218.7383 Kilo Meters
760775118.7424 Kilo Meters
771030518.7842 Kilo Meters
780776518.9383 Kilo Meters
790708319.2556 Kilo Meters
800881219.4316 Kilo Meters
810771819.4991 Kilo Meters
821030119.6243 Kilo Meters
830890219.7463 Kilo Meters
840774819.7548 Kilo Meters
850706919.8387 Kilo Meters
860884619.8402 Kilo Meters
870882819.8444 Kilo Meters
880720519.8838 Kilo Meters
890708120.5773 Kilo Meters
900700220.7514 Kilo Meters
910887320.8792 Kilo Meters
920709121.4440 Kilo Meters
930888021.8413 Kilo Meters
940775221.8690 Kilo Meters
950711221.9026 Kilo Meters
960773721.9283 Kilo Meters
970708822.1494 Kilo Meters
980792222.1934 Kilo Meters
990774622.2915 Kilo Meters
1000719122.4062 Kilo Meters
1010880522.9519 Kilo Meters
1020711122.9886 Kilo Meters
1030797422.9911 Kilo Meters
1040704022.9913 Kilo Meters
1050790122.9919 Kilo Meters
1060790223.0148 Kilo Meters
1070704123.0544 Kilo Meters
1080705923.2791 Kilo Meters
1090711423.3029 Kilo Meters
1100883123.4557 Kilo Meters
1110718423.5124 Kilo Meters
1120710823.5196 Kilo Meters
1131120923.5808 Kilo Meters
1140773823.8049 Kilo Meters
1151125223.8109 Kilo Meters
1160771624.0305 Kilo Meters
1170882324.1961 Kilo Meters
1180779924.2887 Kilo Meters
1190710124.6398 Kilo Meters
1200772224.6402 Kilo Meters
1211122424.6996 Kilo Meters
1220707824.7100 Kilo Meters
1230719924.7807 Kilo Meters
1241122824.8027 Kilo Meters
1250719324.8754 Kilo Meters
1260710624.9325 Kilo Meters
1270719224.9603 Kilo Meters
1280719524.9705 Kilo Meters

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University in ZIP Code 08861

Museum in ZIP Code 08861

This is the ZIP Code 08861 - Museum page list. Its detail Museum Name, Street, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

Library in ZIP Code 08861

This is the ZIP Code 08861 - Library page list. Its detail Library Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

NameAddressCityStateZIP CodePhone

School in ZIP Code 08861

This is the ZIP Code 08861 - School page list. Its detail School Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code is as below.

School NameAddressCityStateGradesZIP Code
Samuel E Shull Middle 360 Hall AvenuePerth Amboy New Jersey5-608861
St. Mary's Ec Center 315 Mechanic StreetPerth Amboy New JerseyPK-PK08861

Current Population

What is the total population in ZIP Code 08861? Below is detail information.

  • ·Current Population:52,300
  • ·2010 Population:53,099
  • The 2020 demographic statistics are in progress. The current population in ZIP code 08861 is 52,300, and the population in 2010 is 53,099.


In all the statistical population, the male population is 26,169, the female population is 26,930.

  • ·Male Population:26,169
  • ·Female Population:26,930


In all the statistical population, the White population is 29,374, the Black population is 6,457, the Hispanic population is 40,549, the Asian population is 1,146, the Hawaiian population is 170, the Indian Ppopulation is 910 and Other population is 18,169.

  • ·White Population:29,374
  • ·Black Population:6,457
  • ·Hispanic Population:40,549
  • ·Asian Population:1,146
  • ·Hawaiian Population:170
  • ·Indian Population:910
  • ·Other Population:18,169


The median age for ZIP code 08861 is 32.6 years old, of which the median age of men is 31.5 years old, and the median age of women is 33.7 years old.

  • ·Age's Median:32.6
  • ·Median of male age:31.5
  • ·Median of female age:33.7

Households for ZIP Code 08861

ZIP code 08861 has 16,211 households, with an average number of 3.23 persons per household. The average income per household in Zip code 08861 is 54,072 USD, and the average house value is 255,500 USD.

  • ·Households Per Zipcode:16,211
  • ·Persons Per Household:3.23
  • ·Average House Value:255,500
  • ·Income Per Household:54,072


The latitude of the Zip code 08861 is 40.521502, the longitude is -74.275771, and the elevation is 109. It has land area of 5.144 square miles, and water area of 1.262 square miles.

The time zone for ZIP code 08861 is Eastern (GMT -05:00).

Daylight saving time should be observed in the area where the zip code is located.

  • ·Latitude:40.521502
  • ·Longitude:-74.275771
  • ·Elevation:109
  • ·Land Area:5.144
  • ·Water Area:1.262
  • ·Time Zone:Eastern (GMT -05:00)
  • ·Region:Northeast
  • ·Division:Middle Atlantic

Congressional District

The Congressional District for ZIP code 08861 is New Jersey's 06th congressional district, the Congressional Land Area is 215.55 square mile.

  • ·Congressional District:06th
  • ·Congressional Land Area:215.55


In the ZIP code 08861, there are 16,192 residential delivery mailboxes and centralized units, and 1,252 commercial delivery mailbox and centralized units, 11,405 single family deliveries and 3,318 multifamily deliveries, and the box count is 19,830.

The main post office has city delivery carrier routes for the ZIP code 08861.

  • ·Delivery Residential:16,192
  • ·Delivery Business:1,252
  • ·Delivery Total:19,830
  • ·Single Family Delivery Units:11,405
  • ·Multi Family Delivery Units:3,318
  • ·City Delivery Indicator:Y


In ZIP code 08861, the number of business is 947, the number of employee is 11,175, the business first quarter payroll is 120,694,000 USD, the business annual payroll is 490,102,000 USD.

  • ·Number Of Businesses:947
  • ·Number Of Employees:11,175
  • ·Business First Quarter Payroll:120,694,000
  • ·Business Annual Payroll:490,102,000

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👉ZIP Code 08861 Social Characteristics, includes household occupation, Education, Ancestry and Mobility and etc.

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👉ZIP Code 08861 Demographic Characteristics, includes Sex and Age, Race, Hispanic Origin, Housing Units and etc.

ZIP Code 5: 08861 - HOPELAWN